In Kindergartens and Nurseries

In Kindergartens and Nurseries

For parents to entrust their children to a kindergarten or nursery, there must be the absolute minimum risk of accidents. Children need to be watched over at all times. Large playroom equipment can topple over. Children can bump into furniture or drop things when they’re playing. They can accidentally cause furniture to topple over when they’re climbing on it. But teachers can’t keep an eye on every child every moment of the day. That’s where we come in. We help to create safe environments for children.

- prevent things from falling down when children run around the room
- prevent furniture from toppling over when children climb on it
- know there’s no harm if a child puts it into their mouth it’s non-toxic

Actual construction example (Kindergarten)



Object: Steel shelf
Hardware used: Cabinet quakeproof
Fixing method: We put "wallpaper reinforcement film" on the wall and fixed it with "cabinet quakeproof" which can be installed without lifting.