Proseven pads Introductory case collection

【1】In case of general hospital. We asked the president

(Miyazaki prefecture In Japan)

Improve local medical care by earthquake-resistant construction and motivate staff

Aim for a medical institution that can serve the community at the occurrence of a disaster

So far, in preparation for the Tonankai Earthquake, we have taken measures such as disaster heliport installation, window glass scattering prevention film construction, disaster response education, system making etc, but furthermore patients and hospital working staff In order to preserve the safety of the hospital, we thought that it was necessary to make earthquake-proof equipment and equipment inside the hospital.

In order to keep the hospital in good condition for a long time, building-friendly earthquake-proof construction

When imagining that a hospital encountered a huge earthquake, it seems necessary to install an earthquake-resistant pads, and we made earthquake resistance in the hospital with an anchorless earthquake-resistant construction method of a non-drilling Proseven in a hospital building.

Hospital disaster countermeasures efforts increase staff awareness of disaster measures

This earthquake - proof construction was done at the highest construction level. I believe that working so far will lead to an increase in the staff's awareness of disaster preparedness and motivation.

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