Born from the Lessons of a Major Earthquake – 1

Our founder and current chairman, Seizō Kodama, lost a close friend in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of January 17, 1995. That disaster took 6,434 lives and disrupted countless more in Hyōgo Prefecture and surrounding areas. Having witnessed the tragedy first-hand, Kodama was spurred to help prevent the loss of life in future disasters by developing a new life-saving product. That product was the Super Sticky Gel Pad. To manufacture and market the new product, Kodama established Proseven Co., Ltd. on July 11, 2000.


Where does the name Pro-7 come from?

Professional  +  Seismic intensity 7


Note: The Japan Meteorological Agency uses a seismic scale to measure shaking, with 7 being the highest level.