Pro-7 born from the lesson of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake

Our founder and current chairman, SeizoKodama, lost a close friend in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of January 17, 1995. That disaster took 6,434 lives and disrupted countless more in Hyogo Prefecture and surrounding areas. Having witnessed the tragedy first-hand, Kodama was spurred to help prevent the loss of life in future disasters by developing a new life-saving product. He created the Quakeproof Pad and named his company Proseven(Pro-7).

Company Profile

Company Name Proseven Co.,Ltd.
President and CEO Masashi Kodama
HeadOffice 2F1-3-5 Minamisenba,Chuou-ku,Osaka-cityOsaka,542-0081 Japan
TokyoOffice 4F5-3-2,Toranomon,Minato-ku,Tokyo,105-0001 Japan

Origin of the name of Pro-7

Professional + seismic intensity 7

※It is one of the indicators of the strength of the shake due to the earthquake, which is the highest rank among the seismic intensity classes of the Meteorological Agency(10steps) set by the Japan Meteorological Agency in Japan.

Registered trademark

"Proseven" is International trademark registration.
商標登録 is registered trademarks of Processing Co., Ltd. in Japan, the People's Republic of China and Taiwan.
"Pro-7" is a registered trademark of Processe Co., Ltd. in Japan and the People's Republic of China.