Examples of installation of Seismic mats in factories, production lines and clean rooms

It has also been installed in production lines and clean rooms that often relocated.
Thanks to earthquake countermeasures with Proseven`s earthquake resistant mat, it can be used without worrying about mounting noise and dust.
Since there is no need to drill holes in the wall or floor.
Installation is possible without tools.
There is no problem in use in a clean room, with taking measures against earthquake with Proseven earthquake-resistant mat (based on various test data), not only can employees be protected, but also damage can be minimized.

Construction in a clean room

-A truck record of introducing up to class 1(ISO standard class3)
-Siloxane is not detected (less than 0.05mg kg) so there is no problem in using in a clean room.
-Select and propose products that meet your needs from metal fittings that can be used for various types of target equipment, such as existing equipment, newly installed equipment and equipment with casters.
-The most suitable construction method for semiconductor factories, pharmaceutical manufacturers etc. which is ideal for companies that have been unable to take measures against earthquake until now.

Construction is the factory

-A truck record of construction up to 8 tons of light weight equipment. -It corresponds to various floor such as epoxy coating, PVC sheet, P Tile etc. the required mat area is calculated based on the degree of adhesion.
-After confirming device characteristics’ such as the side of device, the shape of the adjuster, and the presence or absence of levelling, we will select a compatible bracket and propose a construction method that meet your needs.
-Since the seismic impersonation problem, Proseven earthquake-resistant mats that do not require drilling have attracted more attention than anchor-based earthquake-proof protection that weakens the strength of Buildings.