Product lineup

Proseven Adhesive Pads is a new material plus stickiness and low rebound resilience plus gel (GEL) having both solid and liquid properties.
Proseven Adhesive Pads matches every kind of shake by flexibility and adhesive strength, and demonstrates excellent vibration responding ability.
In addition, we have new properties such as flame retardancy, weather resistance, insulation and tensile strength, which were not found in conventional materials.
Proseven Adhesive Pads can be used for various purposes, such as earthquake-proof · BCP (business continuity plan) at offices, factories, etc.,
prevention of falls of personal computers and furniture, vibration isolation and soundproofing of precision equipment and motors, etc.
Proseven Adhesive Pads is a product of all ministries and agencies bidding qualification (90573) which passed the qualification and certification of safety
standards of many public institutions including seismic resistance test and adhesion strength test.
Its performance is extremely excellent in durability, safety and adhesive strength, and there are a wide range of delivery results such as government agencies,
electric manufacturers, automakers, financial institutions, universities, hospitals and so on.